" Acquire
knowledge and
learn tranquility and
dignity "

Lahore Literati
Montessori & High School

Our Vision

To empower each student by facilitating his/ her holistic development in a challenging and constructive learning environment. 


Our Mission

To create a congenial environment, where our students are trained to achieve personal excellence to be able to meet the challenges of tomorrow through collaborative learning and critical thinking.



Admission Contact: Jinnah Campus 112 Shadman Lahore.Tel:- 04237422892, 0423742834

Principal's Message

LLS has the vision to establish a positive learning environment, where everyone believes that every student is honored, taught wholesome Islamic & moral values and they can grow happily throughout their childhood. It is our conviction that every student is well prepared for the stages of his/her life and embraces success. A major focus is given on proper and meaningful learning transition from Montessori to High School. As a principal, it is important to me that everyone who steps through our front doors should be satisfied here. This attitude enables us to meet the challenges of academic excellence in a positive, nurturing, and enjoyable environment. We highly value the relationship we have with the parents of all our students. Regular communication between home and the school is essential to ensure a true learning partnership. We seek to nurture confident, enthusiastic, innovative, and respectful thinking in our future leaders who will uphold their school’s values which are respecting others, sense of responsibility, resilience, integrity, and harmony. 

Educationally Yours 

Ms. Rubina Mushtaq  

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